The Conundrum of Consistency

If there is one thing that most business owners want more of it is consistency.  I have spoken with countless business owners who strive to achieve predictability in their sales results and the performance of their team.

There are some businesses where this is not an issue. In those businesses the leadership is consistent, the systems are consistent and the management is consistent.

If you are concerned about the ups and downs and worry about breaking even then you have to have a look inwards at your business and ask yourself how consistent you are.

If you want your team and therefore your results to be consistent make sure you have the following things in place:

  1. Regular, scheduled team meetings.  Use this meeting as a forum to discuss performance, look at reports and get feedback from your team on how the business could be improved.  Make sure that these meetings are never postponed or cancelled.
  2. Have consistency in your KPIs and reporting.  The most challenging thing for an employee is when the goal posts move each month or each week.
  3. Regularly participate in the activities and tasks that your team are employed to do.  This is a great training tool but will also help keep your team accountable to their goals.
  4. Schedule regular training.  Research new, fresh topics for your trainings and ensure that they are meetings that have a workshop format.  Do not be a lecturer, be an educator.
  5. Give consistent feedback.  Make sure you celebrate all the wins.  If a team member works hard, achieves a result and then gets no recognition the results can be devastating.  Make sure that non-performers are given feedback as well.  Team members don’t want to be around that person that is not hitting their goals and getting away with it.

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