Micro vs. Macro

Micromanagement is often looked at as a bad trait in a manager these days.  Employees no longer want to have Mother Hen watching over their every move.  They want to excel on their own and receive the credit they deserve.  Having said that it is still necessary to monitor and observe your employees, especially new ones.

Here are some tips to help you manage your team effectively whilst keeping their motivation levels up.

  • Some people love surprises, but not usually from the boss.  Unless you are walking into your team’s area with cash to give them, your unexpected presence can be demotivational.  It is much better to speak to your team at predetermined times so that they know it is coming and don’t feel pounced upon.
  • Make sure you focus on their performance, not their behaviour or their personality. Always focus on what can be improved rather than what didn’t work.
  • If underperformance is being raised use a report or some statistics to break the news for you.  Then all you have to do is focus on how to improve it.
  • Keep your reprimands short.  Dwelling on underperformance will lead to a personal reaction from your team member.
  • Make sure you keep your team entertained.  New and fresh challenges are highly motivational.  Especially if the team member is given the opportunity to go outside their role description and prove their worth in a different area.
  • Rely on computers as much as you can. There is a wealth of software that you can use to help you track your team’s performance.  CRMs, call tracking software and database systems can help you improve efficiency and productivity.  By tracking your team members ‘activity through software you can free up your time and relinquish your police duties.
  • Get regular, scheduled input from your team.  Workshop style meetings in which your team suggest improvements are always well received and will likely furnish you with some unexpected ideas to help you grow.
  • Get your team to help you with your social media activity.  Everyone contributing will lead to more active and diverse social networks and more followers/subscribers.

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