How do you give feedback?

I love the business of business.  Whenever I am in a café or a restaurant I sit and think of little ways they could improve and get more clients.  If I have a bad customer service experience, I always politely give the feedback to the right people to help them out.  It is my good deed for the day and I quite enjoy it.

Most people accept the feedback well, as long as I deliver it in a non-confrontational way and I focus on the positive as much as possible.

This is also something that I really focus on when managing team members.  There comes a time; no matter how awesome your employee is; that a reprimand is in order.  Too many bosses go down the old path of shouting at, and humiliating team members in front of others.  All this achieves is to create a bad reputation for you and does not go towards improving anything.

Before you approach your team member to reprimand them ask yourself these quick questions:

  1. What is the desired outcome of this chat?  What am I trying to fix?
  2. What type of personality does the team member have – what have they responded well to in the past?
  3. How would I react to this reprimand?
  4. What positives can I find in the team members recent performance to ensure that the feedback is taken as constructive criticism and not “getting in trouble”?
  5. Is this under performance something that I have allowed in the past?

The technique I use is to firstly plan how I am going to approach the team member.  Then I consider the timing so that I do not adversely affect performance.  Also, I think about their personality type and what language I should use to ensure I do not get a negative reaction.

If I have a think about these points before I approach the team member, I have a much better chance of them taking on board the feedback and adjusting their performance to ensure it does not happen again.

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