Follow up fitness:

There is an old adage in sales and marketing that people rarely buy on the first point of contact.  It is necessary to follow up on more than one occasion to enrol your prospect into a service or to sell them a product.

At this time of year the most common form of follow up is to wish someone a Merry Christmas.  This can be done in a variety of different ways.  If you want to show the personal touch you can hand write a Christmas card to each of your prospects.  If you have many prospects this is perhaps too time consuming.  Some businesses mass market Christmas cards to their prospects and the personal touch is somewhat lost.

Others still email out the Christmas cards.  I feel that this perhaps will get lost in the barrage of emails we all receive and also looks a little spartan in the “I really care about you” department.

Another form of contact is the phone call.  This definitely shows the personal touch but again if you have many clients this could be a large drain on resources.

In a busy time of year when we are all thinking about Christmas, holidays, family and presents it is increasingly difficult to get your prospects attention.  If you want to be both memorable and talked about you have to do something that really sets you apart from the competition.  Of course there is no easy, simple system for you to use for awesome marketing but here are a few examples of great follow ups that I have received.  I hope this will give you some food for thought and inspire you to think outside the box.

  • The no sale call – I have received several phone calls recently where the sales person has had no agenda for sales or marketing in the call.  Just a quick call to see how you are going – hope you have a good holiday.  This one leaves a great impression.
  • The personalised card – from my accountant I received a nice, hand-written card that read “I hope you enjoy your first Christmas in your new home.” As we bought our new property way back in April this really impressed me.
  • The branded booze – I have received a few bottles of wine that have had a company’s own branding on them but this year was the first year I received a branded bottle of Scotch.  On the card it read “We know you’re not a wine drinker so here’s something better.”
  • The invite – at this time of year there are many Christmas party invitations going around. When I received the invite to cruise Sydney harbour, have lunch and do some clay pigeon shooting I cleared my diary straight away.
  • The cup cake – yes I know, they are very unhealthy but I pushed past my dietary concerns when I received a box full of cupcakes from a supplier.  No branding but let me tell you everyone knew the name of the company responsible!!

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