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  • Micro vs. Macro

    Micromanagement is often looked at as a bad trait in a manager these days.  Employees no longer want to have Mother Hen watching over their every move.  They want to excel on their own and receive the credit they deserve.  Having said that it is still necessary to monitor and observe your employees, especially new […]

  • 5 Tips to make you a better leader

    Lead by example.  Do as I say not as I do doesn’t work all that well in business.  Be the leader that never falters, that practices what they preach and gets in the trenches with the team.  If you think your team member can do a better job, get in there and show them how […]

  • How do you give feedback?

    I love the business of business.  Whenever I am in a café or a restaurant I sit and think of little ways they could improve and get more clients.  If I have a bad customer service experience, I always politely give the feedback to the right people to help them out.  It is my good […]