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  • Micro vs. Macro

    Micromanagement is often looked at as a bad trait in a manager these days.  Employees no longer want to have Mother Hen watching over their every move.  They want to excel on their own and receive the credit they deserve.  Having said that it is still necessary to monitor and observe your employees, especially new […]

  • The momentum of measuring

    Key performance indicators are crucial to running your business.  When you know accurate numbers and statistics for every aspect of your business you can make much better decisions as to which areas to work on. The five areas of the business that are essential for you to be measuring are as follow: Number of leads […]

  • Follow up fitness:

    There is an old adage in sales and marketing that people rarely buy on the first point of contact.  It is necessary to follow up on more than one occasion to enrol your prospect into a service or to sell them a product. At this time of year the most common form of follow up […]

  • 5 Tips to make you a better leader

    Lead by example.  Do as I say not as I do doesn’t work all that well in business.  Be the leader that never falters, that practices what they preach and gets in the trenches with the team.  If you think your team member can do a better job, get in there and show them how […]

  • Finding your Niche

    Creating a point of difference, or a universal selling proposition can be a never-ending journey for business owners. Carving a niche in a heavily competitive industry will stop you competing on price, increase your sales and create more customer loyalty. No real news there!! So, how should you go about building your niche and USP? […]

  • Failing to plan or planning to fail?

    The old adage says that if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. This is more than just a clever play on words, in fact, statistically it has been proven that you are more likely to achieve your goals if they’re written down… not rocket science, is it? Back in 1973 Harvard […]

  • How do you give feedback?

    I love the business of business.  Whenever I am in a café or a restaurant I sit and think of little ways they could improve and get more clients.  If I have a bad customer service experience, I always politely give the feedback to the right people to help them out.  It is my good […]

  • The Conundrum of Consistency

    If there is one thing that most business owners want more of it is consistency.  I have spoken with countless business owners who strive to achieve predictability in their sales results and the performance of their team. There are some businesses where this is not an issue. In those businesses the leadership is consistent, the […]

  • Mastering your Time

    On average a human has around 4000 weeks in their life.  If you are anything like me you are already nearing the halfway mark and wanting to use the second 2000 much better than the first. So what is the key to getting the most out of your time and achieving as much as possible? […]