5 Tips to make you a better leader

  1. Lead by example.  Do as I say not as I do doesn’t work all that well in business.  Be the leader that never falters, that practices what they preach and gets in the trenches with the team.  If you think your team member can do a better job, get in there and show them how it is done.
  2. Keep your routine.  Hold regular meetings with your team.  Make sure the schedule and structure is adhered to.  If your main contact with your team is unsure and disorganised then how will they be with your clients?
  3. Keep your reprimands quick.  Most of the time if you need to talk to your team member about their performance; or lack thereof; then you can do it quickly.  Reprimands that last 30 minutes do nothing for your team members’ motivation or productivity.  Keep it short and focus on the improvement that you need not the lack of performance that you have seen.
  4. Stay consistent.  The worst thing a manager or leader can do is to have double standards or go back on what they say. If you give your team member an instruction then make a note of what it was.  If you have a face to face meeting back it up with a quick email – this leaves an easy trail of what was agreed on and improves clarity at both ends.
  5. Reward every single win.  A reward doesn’t have to be monetary – hard work should never go without a thank you. Also be careful with your timing.  If a team member has a success at work and then immediately gets reprimanded for something that happened last week it is very demotivating.

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